Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Wrights

Here are some shots of Nolan with my side of the family.  My mom and dad have spent this first week with us at our house helping with the baby.  What a blessing it's been to have home cooked meals every night, clean laundry, and an extra set of hands to change dirty diapers.

Lee Nana

Uncle Sam

Aunt Hailey


Keely Hagan said...

That is so awesome your family could be there for the first week! What a blessing! He is just so cute and I love his blonde hair! Can't wait to meet him! Love you!

Will, Jen, Cole Brewer said...

Look at all that blonde hair! Glad he is doin so well!

Allison said...

What great pics!!! He is a doll and your family looks like naturals!