Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching Up

The Vest family has been joyfully adjusting to life with a four month old, but sadly the blog has taken a backseat as of late. So here's to catching up. I am personally thankful that my week of travel is over. I had to leave Nolan for the first time the week before last - two nights at a staff retreat during the week and another night on a teen girls' trip to Atlanta over the weekend. It was hard on the heart to leave my little boy behind. Jeremy did an amazing job taking care of him and their time together was very special to them both. They covered some expansive terrain in the jogging stroller and went to Home Depot. I returned home to a house that was in perfect condition and Jeremy took pride in rattling off his list of house-cleaning accomplishments. I appreciated the clean house, even though part of the motivation behind it was to show me how simple it is to do both childcare and housework in the same day. However, it is rumored that Nolan watched Baby Einstein four times in a row.

I am loving my part-time schedule and cherishing the days at home with Nolan. God has been giving me some neat ministry opportunities with some teen girls that have been both challenging and refreshing. Just when I begin to think that I'm not as fruitful as a part-time youth minister, He overwhelms me with a new way to be used. He's pretty good like that. Nolan has dropped down to the 90th percentile for height and weight and clocked in at exactly 18 pounds at our last appointment. We had so much fun at our church Trunk or Treat this week. Nolan, dressed as a Tootsie Roll and sitting in his bouncy seat, was the main attraction of our poorly decorated trunk. We passed out Tootsie Rolls to complement our theme, though I think they're kinda gross - sorry kids!

Here are some favorite pictures from the last two months of the cute little boy we love so dearly: