Saturday, January 31, 2009

20 Weeks and Counting!!!

This blogging update is way overdue.  Here's the latest belly shot in all its glory.  I've noticed that my belly button is definitely more of an "indention" these days than an actual "belly button hole."  Outie belly buttons have always been so cool to me, so I'm secretly looking forward to having one.  Maybe it will even poke through my shirt :)  
Baby Vest has been doing lots of thumping and bumping.  At 18-weeks, Jeremy felt the baby move for the very first time....right during the middle of American Idol.  It was a special moment, watching Jeremy's face light up as he felt the little kick.  Our baby time ticker (see top right) now says 140 days to go, 140 days so far. We can't believe it!
Baby Vest is currently the length of a banana, weighing in at about 10.5 ounces.  I have loved this second trimester and am giddy over the constant feeling of our baby moving inside of me.  How great is our God to show life in this way.  Poor Jeremy finally set a boundary that I can only grab his hand and put it on my stomach in the privacy of our own home - not in public :) 
Prayer time for this baby is a treasured time with Jeremy each evening and we can't wait to pray for this baby by name.  We will find out the gender in five days!!!  Stay tuned for ultrasound pictures and maybe even a name.  We are so ready!
I also thought this would be a fun place to announce that I'm going to be an aunt again.  My sister-in-law Elizabeth Vest is due with her second baby in August.  They shared the early news with us at Christmas so we could celebrate this miracle together as a family. After waiting a long time for God's perfect timing with Jon Harper, God brought this baby to Johnathan and Liz very quickly.  Jeremy and I are so excited and thrilled that our first-cousin babies will only be two months apart!