Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seven Weeks and Changing Fast

Here are a few photo updates of our growing boy.  Nolan is changing so fast.  Jeremy weighed him on our bathroom scale this weekend and he is already at 14 pounds....but sometimes that scale isn't always so accurate.  That's what I tell myself anyways when it's higher than I think it should be.  

Thank you Parker and Savannah for letting us borrow your swing.  
Nolan loves it so much that he swung in it until the batteries died.

Already cheering for the VOLS

Nolan has his mommy's eyes and his daddy's forehead

Another bath - we're getting better at these (much less screaming)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Four Year Anniversary

The Wedding Day

First time to meet Jeremy's family early on in our dating days

Yesterday Jeremy and I celebrated our four year anniversary.  My parents are in Montgomery for the weekend so they kept Nolan while Jeremy and I went out on a date, a new concept since we've entered the world of parenting!  We enjoyed a delicious meal at Carrabba's - the same restaurant where we had our very first date almost six years ago.  We had fun reminiscing about the conversation we shared on that evening.  We talked about our jobs, families, the ZOE Group, Lipscomb, and pleding social clubs - so random!  We laughed as we compared this conversation to the one we had last night - how in the world are we going to send Nolan to college?!?  We've come a long ways since 2003 and the journey has been wonderful and amazing every step of the way.  I praise God for giving me such a Godly, loving, thoughtful man to be my husband.  He is an incredible role model for Nolan, a great provider for our family, and my very best friend!  I love you Jeremy Vest!