Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nashville Showers

On March 14th, we had our first two showers in Nashville.  The first was a Family Shower hosted by Jeremy's family.  Our sister-in-law Elizabeth did a wonderful job with the decorations.  Pictures of Jeremy and me from when we were babies surrounded the room and little onesies hung over the fireplace.

Two of our favorite gifts were a quilt that my mom made and a Baby Blessings Book that contained prayers of blessing from each person in the family. Before the shower began, each person read their baby blessing to Nolan.  Bre put all of the blessings together in a scrapbook that will always be one of the most treasured items in Nolan's nursery.
Having my Pa there was very special to me.  He even got to feel Nolan kick. Pa exclaimed with surprise, "He bit me" and then told me Nolan would have to get a spanking.
Our next shower was hosted by some of my dearest friends from Lipscomb. The shower honored Keely and me.  These girls have been apart of so many milestones in my life.  It was so neat to share this occasion with them and be blessed by their love for our new baby.
Keely is six weeks ahead of me and we are both expecting boys!  Caleb Thomas is set to arrive on Mother's Day while Nolan's due date is on Father's Day.  It was so special to share this celebration with Keely.
Kristy and Addison also came by to help us celebrate.  One of my favorite parts of the shower was getting to catch up with friends.  Jeremy and I both felt so overwhelmed by all of the love shown to us on this day.  We are truly thankful for all of our family and friends.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Nursery Beginnings

John and Nola (Jeremy's parents) came down from Nashville at the end of February to help us get started on the nursery for "Nolan Robert Vest."  We completely cleaned out the room, sold furniture on Craig's list, emptied the closet, painted the walls, added shelving to the closet, picked out new bedding, painted a bookshelf, and hung curtains.  Titan couldn't help but get in the middle of things.  Note the blue streak of paint down his back.  Titan rubbed against a wall and left a trail of black fur behind.  That was great fun to pick out of the paint :)  

This weekend, my mom came down during her Spring Break and brought us the baby furniture.  We washed all of the bedding and got a start on the set up.  There is still lots to do, but it feels great to have the major pieces in place!  Jeremy painted the bookshelf that was previously in the closet (see above picture) and I was so excited with how it turned out.