Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The Vest family spent Thanksgiving with the rest of the Vests in Nashville this year. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the holiday and eating everything in sight. I have loved being a member of the Vest clan and time together is especially fun now that there are three little ones to play with. I love that Nolan is sandwiched in between his two Vest cousins - Jon Harper and Virginia.

Jeremy and his brother Johnathan took their boys out for a 5K run - the Habitrot. They got in an extra workout pushing those jogging strollers. The best part - while they were running, I was sleeping lazily in my bed.....which I had all to myself :) Nolan spent the 5K sleeping as well thanks to my sister-in-law Elizabeth who loaned us Jon Harper's Patagonia fleeze bunting.

Other favorite moments of the holiday week:
The Vest family photo shoot (see pictures below), watching Biggest Loser, being treated to a mani & pedi by my sister-in-law Jennifer, catching up with Sara over Starbucks, free babysitting while the sibs went to see The Blind Side, a delicious Thanksgiving meal prepared by Nola, Vest family breakfast at Cracker Barrel - always a special treat, having lunch with my parents and grandparents at the lake, laughing as my Grandmommy retold the renowned story of my grandparents first meeting in Centennial Park when they were 16 and 21, receiving a beat down from my dad after challenging him to a game of Bible Trivia, a scrumptious brunch at Liz's house, and Nolan laughing hysterically at Jon Harper's Elmo doll. I just realized how many of my favorite moments involved food! Oh well.....such is the season :)