Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Last Hurrah...

We've been referring to our Savannah, GA trip as "The Last Hurrah," as if we'll never have fun again after Nolan's arrival.  Joyful times are ahead for the Vest's, no doubt, but we also know that many a sleepless night will first accompany this next season of joy.  So while it's just Jeremy and me (and I've been feeling pretty sentimental about that...), we will celebrate as best we can!  
Last weekend I finally got to open my Christmas present - a wonderful and relaxing trip to Savannah.  It was great to have a "just us" trip and to travel while I'm still able.  We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in downtown Savannah called the Ballastone.  Highlights of the weekend included a horse-drawn carriage ride/tour, walking along the river, shopping for and eating pralines, getting a couples' massage, watching Slumdog Millionaire, listening to musicians on the River Walk, returning to our room and finding that it was full of rose petals, eating at the Olde Pink House, Vick's on the River, and the Soho South Cafe, and talking about life and our future with Nolan.

Jeremy standing in front of our Bed & Breakfast (above)
The Olde Pink House - some good eatin' (below)

A beautiful scene in one of Savannah's many squares (above)
Jeremy pretending to be Forest Gump, in the park where this scene was filmed (below)

Monday, April 20, 2009


I have been waiting for this moment to arrive in our child-birthing classes for quite some time.  Each week, a husband from class is chosen to wear....The Empathy Belly!  It was finally time for Jeremy Vest to take a turn.  The empathy belly is a 35 pound belly that straps over the shoulders and fastens in the back.  It is meant to allow unsuspecting husbands to feel several symptoms of pregnancy. If worn long enough, it can actually cause lower back pain.  A Velcro strap is tightly applied around the rib cage to produce shallow breathing and shortness of breath.  A weight is also attached to the bottom of the belly that rests directly on the bladder (my favorite). This is supposed to simulate bladder pressure and frequency of urination.  The empathy belly also comes complete with a set of breasts.  Jeremy does not look too happy to have those!
Unfortunately, Jeremy only had to wear this belly for 30 minutes.  I was hoping the nurse would let us take it home so that he could sleep in it.  Nurse Waller did, however, make Jeremy sit on the floor and stand up, and bend down to remove his tennis shoes.  Jeremy said the worst part of the belly was the 35 pounds resting on his bladder. When I asked Jeremy how he felt, his comment was this:  "This isn't as accurate as your pregnancy.  I've got 35 pounds resting on my bladder.  At least your weight gain is spread out through your legs and rear." end quote.  It seems the wearer of the empathy belly did not feel so much empathy after all :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Landmark Shower

After a whirlwind morning at the Knoxville Marathon, we arrived back in Montgomery just in time for the Landmark baby shower.  We were honored with two other couples that evening and were showered with an overwhelming amount of gifts.  People really go all out for these church baby showers.  We were truly touched by the many families who wanted to join us in celebrating Nolan's birth.

Neither of our families were able to come down for the shower, so we asked Linda Dunham, a close friend of the family, to sit with us and help with gifts.  Linda is the one who first introduced Jeremy and me when I moved to Montgomery in 2003.  At Linda's suggestion, Jeremy asked me out for our very first date.  She was the perfect stand-in mom and gift recorder.  Her presence beside us at the shower was very special!  Check out our faces upon opening the AL outfit.  (Linda, too, is a big fan of the Vols!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Shower for Nolan, a Marathon for Jeremy

The girls that I grew up with in the Laurel youth group threw me a beautiful shower on Satuday, March 28th in Knoxville. Women from this church that I have known most all my life were able to come and make the occasion so special. God, in His goodness, has provided our family with some lifelong friends through Laurel Church of Christ. Many of them were around to welcome me into the world 27 years ago, and now these same family friends are helping us celebrate the birth of baby Nolan.

Here are some of the dearest friends a girl could ever have! I love you girls and treasure the lifetime of memories that I have with each of you. I'm so thankful we have each other and that we've remained close all these years! I will look forward to our next visit together!
My talented mother smocked and sewed a precious little onesie for Nolan. The brown puppies are adorable, as we are certainly partial to puppies at our house. Nolan will be stylin' in his new outfit!

On Sunday, Jeremy ran his best time ever in the Knoxville Marathon (3:48)! We were on a time crunch to get back to Montgomery for the Landmark shower, so his marathon finish was a double victory!!! My dad also ran in the race - his 5th marathon to date. Praise God for an injury-free race for both of them! My mom, sister, and I enjoyed following the two of them around Knoxville and cheering for our runners.  The finish in Neyland Stadium was pretty awesome!

Before the race, Jeremy and I splurged and bought a new video camera.  Unfortunately, the cameraman (myself) was not too good, so the footage is a little shaky.  Caution: may cause motion sickness.