Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nolan Becomes an Eight Ball

This week at work, we made a video with some of the teens in order to reveal the identity of our new part-time intern - Hannah Chatham!!! When Nolan comes, I will work less hours with my job, and a good bit of my hours will come from working at home. Hannah C. will come on board when I come back from maternity leave and will work with us through the duration of the school year. She will be a huge help to me with the teen girls! Hannah is graduating from our youth group this year and I can't wait to have her working with our youth staff in the fall. It was so neat to show our teens this video because they already know and love Hannah. It was a great way to reveal this "surprise announcement." Special thanks to Sam Evans for filming, directing, and editing our video.


Allison said...

You were always such a great actress!!! Loved the video!

Roochita said...

HAHA, that's so creative! Hope they all enjoyed the video as much as I just did :-)

Keely Hagan said...

You are such a clever girl! I am so glad you have someone to help with work because you are going to want to be with that sweet boy all you can!! Love you!