Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Update

The poor blog has once again taken a backseat to the many things that always seem to fill my time. Jeremy and I are loving our little man and treasuring all of the things that are so fun at this age. I am still loving my job, though we are facing yet another transition with our youth ministry as my co-worker will leave at the end of February to begin a mens' ministry in Jackson, TN. Jeremy is currently training for an ultra marathon - 33 miles (crazy, I know). It is a trail run near Birmingham, AL and there is a place on the course where you have to use your hands! What?!?

Recently God has been teaching me that everything good that comes out of me is ALL HIM! Sometimes I think that the wise advise, display of patience, word of knowledge, and creative streak are my own doing. Then I realize that what comes naturally to me is to speak too quickly without first listening, snap at Jeremy, forget something important, and do a mediocre job. When I remember to acknowledge God for what He's doing in me, He gives me more.

Here's a quick photo update of our growing boy. Nolan is eight months old. He has four teeth, but not the usual four that most babies first get. We've got the normal two on the bottom. The two on top, however, are the "lateral incisors" aka "vampire teeth." Does Nolan have two front teeth? I certainly hope so, but they are currently no where to be seen. Right now he looks kinda funny, but he's awfully cute.

Nolan says, "ba ba ba" and "da da da." He laughs hysterically at Titan. Hopefully a video will soon follow. His blond hair is getting thicker and his blue eyes get brighter everyday. Nolan loves turning the pages of his books and pointing at pictures (with his left hand only). He's a sturdy sitter, but still wobbles while standing. No crawling yet - and I must say that I'm enjoying that. He loves to practice his standing at the Wallace's Leapfrog music table.

Enjoying some oatmeal. Still nursing 5 times a day, but tasting fruits and veggies on the side.

20 pounds at our last appointment and in the 80% for both height and weight. We're slimming down :)


Betsy and the Boys said...

Love that boy!

Allison said...

Those eyes are just gorgeous! Just like his mama!

Monique and Granny said...

I really enjoy hanging out with you and Nolan!

Lindsey Bagwell said...

Nolan is so precious and you are such a sweet mom!

P.S. I love your blog background too! Great taste :)