Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Landmark Shower

After a whirlwind morning at the Knoxville Marathon, we arrived back in Montgomery just in time for the Landmark baby shower.  We were honored with two other couples that evening and were showered with an overwhelming amount of gifts.  People really go all out for these church baby showers.  We were truly touched by the many families who wanted to join us in celebrating Nolan's birth.

Neither of our families were able to come down for the shower, so we asked Linda Dunham, a close friend of the family, to sit with us and help with gifts.  Linda is the one who first introduced Jeremy and me when I moved to Montgomery in 2003.  At Linda's suggestion, Jeremy asked me out for our very first date.  She was the perfect stand-in mom and gift recorder.  Her presence beside us at the shower was very special!  Check out our faces upon opening the AL outfit.  (Linda, too, is a big fan of the Vols!)


Teresa said...

You're not going to let Nolan wear that are you?

Glad you had a great won't be long now!

Lisa said...

Hey Hannah! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am so glad you found it! I found yours through Allison. I LOVE Nolan's baby room! Super cute!!! I can't wait to see pictures of him--not much longer---yeah! You look awesome! Looks like you have had some great showers for Nolan--how exciting! Hope you are doing well!

Allison said...

Great pics! Please tell me you are not going to let Nolan ever wear that AL outfit!! Sydney has a few AL outfits too and on occasion I put them on her to appease the gparents and uncles!!