Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why We Love Our Whitey Titey

We've had our dog Titan now for 3 years. Those first few months were pretty rough, but he has turned out to be a pretty great dog. Here are 15 reasons why we love Titan so much:

1. Intelligent expression - we can tell what he's thinking
2. His big brown eyes will melt your heart
3. He knows the names of all of his toys and can bring them to you on command
4. He's a great cuddler and he sleeps right in the middle
5. Titan never gives up with bringing you his toys - even when told "no play" over and over again
6. He's a great walking partner and can even make it 3 miles on a cool day
7. He does a great impression of Billy Idol
8. He always wants to be with people and he loves to give kisses
9. Titan can chase ducks like a pro, right up until they hit the water - then he runs away
10. He cleans the kitchen floor better than a mop
11. He can balance a treat on his nose until given permission to eat it
12. Titan loves to "go on a trip" and is a great traveler
13. He's had as many surgeries as Jeremy and Hannah put together
14. His black and white coat makes him the perfect gentlemen
15. Titan's gas can clear a room quicker than a fire drill

Last but not least, he's going to be a great big brother to our new baby - due June 21st!


Jen said...

LOL - this was a great post!! Titan is a pretty hilarious dog. And of course, congrats on the news! We're so excited that Baby Brewer will have a great friend in Baby Vest.

-Will & Jen

Allison said...

YEAH!!!! I got the chills reading that last one:) Titan will make a great big brother!! He really is such a smart dog. Crazy, but smart!

Lori said...

hooray! congrats!

i love how cute Titan is!

Betsy said...

Hey! I didn't know you were blogging! I'm a bit obsessed myself. (: I bopped around a bit- So fun to see all of the old Laurel girls, all grown up!

Jessica said...

He will have to get used to sharing Mom and Dad : ) Katie loves molly- I'm sure baby Vest will love Titan as well. We are sooooo happy for you all!!